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New Roll 24" x 25' x 1" (50 SQFT) Heater Coil Insulation Wrap

Out of Stock
New Roll  24" x  25' x 1" Heater Coil Insulation Wrap Never Used, Tested Good
BizMart#: 1288 Out of Stock
Price: $179 Condition: Never Used, Tested Good
Location: San Marcos, California
Notes: Commercial Grade Roll 24" x 25' x 1" (50 SQFT) Hot Pressure Washer Heater Coil Insulation Wrap. Appropriate for use with all hot water pressure washers, steamers, carpet cleaners and more. Don't know if this is the correct item for you, contact BizMart at 512-222-3117. We are here to help anytime.
  • MFG: Made in the USA
  • Model: Any Hot Washer
  • Power: Any Type
  • Dimensions: 24"l x 24"w x 24"h
  • Ship Weight: ~20lbs
Included: Insulation Roll
Warranty: 14-Day Return (See policies)

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