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Why Rent From A Specialist?

Dealers specialize in hot pressure washers and tough cleaning jobs. They have all the knowledge, machines, attachments, and chemicals you need for every job. 

Why Rent Through BizMart?

Many Reasons, But a couple include we get competitive bids in your local area and only offer you the lowest prices guaranteed. BizMart will beat any price you get from a generic rental company, guaranteed.  

Also are you a Frequent Renter? As a BizRent customer, you earn loyalty points you can use to purchase your own machine or towards rental discounts and incentives.   

Hot vs. Cold: What’s The Difference?

Temperature matters when it comes to cleaning ability. If your goal is simply to remove dirt and mud from outdoor areas, a cold pressure washer is just the ticket. However, if you need to power through grease and oil and reactive agents, only a hot water pressure washer will do.

Heat reduces water’s surface tension, allowing the pressure washer to penetrate and melt away stubborn grease stains. If you plan on using a cold water pressure washer more than a couple of hours each week, you should consider a hot water washer instead. Hot water can speed up the cleaning process by 50 percent or more, saving time and money.

Electric vs. Gas Engine: What’s The Difference?

About 60 percent of buyers choose electric motors because of their lower price tag and less frequent maintenance needs. But gas models are portable and come in higher, more powerful PSIs, giving you the freedom to clean most anything anytime.

Electric units are safer, quieter, and much more compact than gas models. Electric pressure washers usually provide about 1000-3000 PSI and are great for washers that are used in one place. Such as in a shop or in a truck wash bay. Or for use at a job site that has available power such as in a commercial kitchen or large commercial building. 

Gas engines, on the other hand, offer 2000-6000 PSI and can blast away the toughest grime on boats, fences, siding, sidewalks and other larger objects. Gas is generally the choice for mobile contractors providing the highest level of flexibility and power on the job site.