Used Foodservice Equipment

About BizMart

BizMart strives to be the premier marketplace for used foodservice equipment. We are pioneering the Agent Marketplace model by taking a vested interest in our sellers' performance and success; unlike a mere broker that just stands in the middle and collects commissions. We extend this even further by making a commitment to build long-term customer relationships by providing a personalized customer service experience not available in online marketplaces today. It is BizMart's mission to bring together business buyers and sellers in a simple, safe, trusted, and transparent environment. We appreciate your belief and support in our efforts to build the BizMart marketplace to benefit the small business community worldwide.

Robert Iverson

CEO & Co-Founder

After a successful career in banking and investment management, he decided to follow his passion of working with small businesses and formed his first surplus company in 2010. 5 years later that company had formed a substantial online following and it was clear the future in used equipment sales was clearly online. Our team seized that opportunity by establishing BizMart to link high quality used equipment sellers in the first true B2B marketplace for foodservice equipment. Today his focus is to ensure BizMart listens to and tirelessly serves its buyers and sellers as its platform grows and evolves.

Raul Rodriguez

CTO & Co-Founder

Worked in the e-commerce industry for internet companies in USA and has managed his own development company. He has an IT and Telecommunication degrees. He has devoted his entire career working with cutting edge technologies that can help businesses grow faster. He is aware that there is a unique global opportunity to bring the best technology solution to this fragmented market.