The Hot Water Pressure Washer Heating System Consists of an Ignitor, burner, & Coil. 

Placement & Removal

The coil sits inside of a protective sleeve. Undo the screws and remove the protective sleeve to get to access the coil.  The burner sits inside of the coil.

How It Operates

The ignitor lights the burner. The water runs through the coil and is heated by the burner flame.  


Be sure to decalcify your water if you live in an area with hard water. The hard water will destroy the coil. 


It is crucial you winterize your hot water pressure washers coil and pump when temperatures drop below freezing. Check out ou Hot Water Pressure Washer Resource Guide for more information on Winterizing you used hot water pressure washer. 


Every used hot water pressure washer has a different coil. Sometimes even the same Manufacturer and Model will have cold manufactured slightly differently. 



BizMart carries burner heater coils for all hot water pressure washer manufacturers and models including Hotsy Coils, Landa Coils, Alkota Coils, Aaladin Coils, Hydro Tek Coils, Karcher Coils, Delco Coils, Mi-T-M Coils,  Shark Coils, All American Coils, American Kleaner Coils, NorthStar Coils, Pressure Pro Coils, & more.  



Tools Needed:

Pipe Wrench

Phillips Screw Driver

Teflon Tape / Pipe Dope

Inexpensive Tape

Grinder (if outer assembly is tack welded)

Crescent Wrench (if horizontal coil)

Estimated Time: 1 to 2 hours

What is the Coil?

The coil is housed inside an outer assembly that can either be painted metal or stainless steel. Between the outer assembly and the coil is usually an insulation wrap. Some coil designs do not require an insulation kit such as the Alkota Coils. To recap, first comes the outer assembly, then an insulation wrap, and finally the coil. 

Old Coil Removal

Removing the old coil should be relatively simple. First, loosen the inlet and outlet pipe-ends (nipples) using a pipe wrench. Once the nipples are loosened and separated from the coil you are ready to remove the coil. 

Typically if it is a vertical coil you can remove the hat with some screws and just lift the coil up out of the machine. In some cases, the outer assembly will be tack welded and require a grinder to free the coil. 

If it is a horizontal coil, you will need to use a crescent wrench or appropriately sized wrench to remove the burner first. Once the burner is removed you should be able to work the coil out of the assembly.  In some cases you will have to remove both the outer assembly and the coil. 

Install New Coil

We reverse the steps to install the new coil. But first secure the insulation blanket to the coil with any inexpensive tape. This will help to hold the insulation while working the coil back into the outer assembly. It could be a tight fit so you will have to gently shimmy the coil and insulation back into the outer assembly. Reconnect the hat or ends with the screwdriver and reconnect the burner with the wrench.  

One very important point! The insulation needs to be sealed up around the coil and on each end. If there is a hole or crack in the insulation or any gap the exhaust gases can exam through a hot spot will be created. That hot spot will burn the pain off the outer assembly or put a burn mark on a stainless steel outer assembly. But more importantly, it will heat the coil and machine up causing an unsafe condition.  

Finally, after the new coil and insulation are in the machine, Teflon tape or pipe dope the nipples and reconnect to the pipe ends with the pipe wrench. Double check everything to make sure you are happy with the placement and fire up the machine for a test! 

Great job the coil installation is done and you can return to your cleaning job…